Interesting Theories from Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a psychiatrist from Switzerland that has some very interesting theories on friendship and human interactions. He was very close with another psychologist Sigmund Freud. There are some differences in their views about what motivates a person and their actions. There are interesting theories that Jung had about individuals and the way that they interact with others and their environment.


Jung was the first person to use the terms introvert and extrovert and describe these personalities. This explained how people interacted with those around them and their attitude towards life. Extraverted people are motivated by outside factors and are comfortable around people. They are generally in a good mood and like to shape their own life. People that are introverted may prefer to reflect upon this more and prefer to be on their own. They do not need to be the center of attention and may be hesitant to interact with others. Making yourself into an introvert is the best ways to lower blood pressure when you’re feeling hyped and excited.


There is another topic that Jung was interested in and this was the Occult. He attended a séance and studied the way that people interacted with each other and this event. There are some things that he discovered from observing this event. He stated that the unconscious contains part of a person’s personality which he referred to as a complex. He also stated that most of the development of a person’s personality is done at the unconscious level.


Jung believed that each person has a specific psychological type and random behavior is not really random. The thing there were functions of the personality as well and each one does something different. He stated that thinking is one of the functions and helps a person make judgments as well as decisions. He also stated that feelings gives value to something and will allow a person to know if something is right or wrong. Sensations are also part of the behaviors and feelings.


A person thinks about why they perceive the world in a certain way and how they are using their senses to gather all of this information. People also use intuition and think about things that may happen. These events can be related to past experiences. These ideas were used by Isabel Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs that helped them develop the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and their 16 personality types. There are 125 questions that will help a person determine what guides their personality.


According to Jung most of our personality, as well as our action, is due to the unconscious. He studied this for 16 years and studied his own experiences in the book as well. He developed what became known as the Red Book that was hidden in a vault in Switzerland for a number of years. It was finally covered in 2009 and it did take some time to translate this into English.


Jung has some interesting ideas on personality and why people act in a certain way. His works have influenced other psychologists and the unconscious is still used today to help determine personality types.